Ulti-Boom Pro - Fixed Length
Ulti-Boom Pro - Fixed Length
Ulti-Boom Pro - Fixed Length
Ulti-Boom Pro - Fixed Length
Ulti-Boom Pro - Fixed Length
Ulti-Boom Pro - Fixed Length
Ulti-Boom Pro - Fixed Length


Ulti-Boom Pro - Fixed Length

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SKU: 17650

Ulti-Boom Series Microphone Boom Arm with Patented One-touch Adjustment and Die-Cast Counterweight - Fixed Length

Ulti-Boom Pro microphone booms are designed to finally solve the problems of the boom arm. From the simple, one-touch adjustment of the Z-knob, to the quick, set-it-and-forget it Stable-Lock lever on our telescoping models, the Ulti-Boom Pro is the mic boom of the future.

“Four Degrees of Freedom!” That’s the goal and result of our patented ball-in-joint boom arm clamp. With just one Z-Knob, you can take control of tilt (angle), pan (left to right), depth (toward or away from you), and rotation (twisting the mic one way or the other)! It’s quiet, easy, fast, and well, kinda fun!

Never twist a dial again! Our StableLock™ lever is simply the fastest, most secure way to adjust the telescoping tube on a boom arm ever. Period. No, seriously. What’s more, the telescoping arm is a D-Tube (one side is flat) so the lever secures not only the depth, but the rotation of the arm too! Say "goodbye, forever" to that slowly settling boom that keeps dragging the session!

The Ulti-Boom Pro doesn't skimp on the counterweight either. Ulti-Boom Pro features a .65-pound die-cast zinc counterweight – not the cheesy, flimsy, plastic piece you see on all the other boom arms. Makes you wonder what exactly those are for...

The complete boom (mast and telescoping tube) use oversized, heavy-walled aluminum tubing for durability, functionality, and weight savings. What’s more, thanks to the architectural anodized finish (the same type of finish found on stadium bleachers), an Ulti-Boom will not rust or corrode and is 2x to 20x more durable than competing boom arm finishes.

Try an Ulti-Boom Pro from Ultimate Support. It's just another way musicians have it better nowadays!

Product Features
  • Four Degrees of Freedom Adjustment Knob
  • Heavy-duty Counterweight
  • Aluminum Tubing with Architectural Anodized Finish
Product Specs
  • Part Name: Ulti-Boom-Pro-FB
  • Product Number: 17650
  • Boom Type: Fixed
  • Boom Length: 34.75" (883mm)
  • Counterweight: .65 lbs. (.3 kg)
  • Weight: 1.95 lbs. (.9 kg)
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