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Product Resource Downloads (Beta)

As products come and go, this repository will serve as a place to find old materials and new for your Ultimate Support products. We are actively assembling this resource portal now, please forgive any missing information temporarily, and contact for more urgent inquiries.

Product Manuals

Modular Device Stands

MDS-100 / MDS-X manual (pdf download)


Studio Furniture

Nucleus Series Modular Assembly Manuals:

Box 1 Instructions

Box 2 Instructions 

Box 3 Instructions 

Box 4 Instructions 

Box 5 Instructions 


Box 6 (Right 24ex) Instructions 

Box 6 (Right Leg) Instructions 

Box 7 (Left 24ex) Instructions

Box 7 (Left Leg) Instructions 

Box 8 Instructions


Box 9 Instructions

Box 10 Instructions

Box 13 & 14 Instructions


Nucleus Z Workstation and Accessories:

Nucleus Z LED S Manual 

Nuc-Z Box 1 & 2 Instructions

Nuc-Z Box 3 Instructions

Nuc-Z Box 4 Instructions 


Microphone Stands

Full Tilt Series Manual 

Live Retro Series Manual

Studio Series MC-125 Manual

Pro Series Manual 

Pro Series R Manual

Pro Series Extreme Manual

Ulti-Boom Pro Manual

Tour-LT Manual

Tour-MT Manual

Tour-RB Manual

Tour-RB-Short-T Manual

Tour Short Manual

Tour-T Manual

Tour-T-Short-T Manual

Tour-T-T Manual

Tour-T-Tall Manual

Tour-T-Tall-T Manual

Custom-1 Manual

Custom-2 Manual

Custom-3 Manual

Custom-4 Manual

Custom-5 Manual

Custom-6 Manual

Pro-SB Manual

Pro-ST Manual

Pro-ST-F Manual

Pro-ST-T Manual

Pro-T Manual

Pro-T-F Manual

Pro-T-Short-F Manual

Pro-T-Short-T Manual

Pro-T-T Manual



Guitar Stands, Pedalboards and Accessories

GS-10 Pro Manual

Genesis Series (GS-55/100/102/200/1000 Pro and AMP-150) Manual

GSP-500-BK Pedalboard Manual

GSP-500-DLX/ GSP-700 Pedalboard Manual

Genesis Series Plus (GS-100+, GS_200+, GS-1000+) Manual

UPD Series Pedalboards Manual


Keyboard Stands

Apex Pro Series AX-48 Pro/Pro-Plus Manual

Apex Pro Mic Boom Manual

VS-88B V-Stand Pro Manual

Deltex Pro DX-48B Manual

IQ Series Manual

IQ-X-Series Manual

VSIQ-200-B V-Stand/ IQ 3000 Second Tier manual


Speaker and Lighting Stands

LT-48FP Manual 

SP Series B Speaker Poles Manual 

SP Series Speaker poles Manual 

TS-70B Manual

TS-70GB Manual

TS-80 Series Manual

TS-80 GB Series Manual

TS-85B Manual

TS-90 Series Manual

TS-100 Series manual


Monitor Stands

MS-90 Manual

MS-100 Manual


Laptop and Handheld Device Stands

Hyperstation/ Hypermount QR Series Manual

Hyperpad Pro Series Manual



JS-LPT100 Manual

JS-LPT200 Manual

JS-MPF100 Manual

JS-MS70 Manual

JS-PB200 Manual

JS-SP50 Manual

JS-SRR100 Manual

JS-SW300 Manual


Acoustic Data

Ultimate Acoustics Bevel Panels Acoustic Data

Ultimate Acoustics Wedge Panel Acoustic Data

Ultimate Acoustics Bass Traps Acoustic Data


JamStands One Sheets

JS-500 One Sheet

JS-502D One Sheet

JS-AG75 One Sheet

JS-AS100 One Sheet

JS-CMS100 One Sheet

JS-DMS50 One Sheet

JS-DMS75 One Sheet

JS-FT100B One Sheet

JS-GHG25 One Sheet

JS-HG102 One Sheet

JS-HG103 One Sheet

JS-KC80 / JS-KC90 One Sheet

JS-KD50 One Sheet

JS-KD55 One Sheet

JS-LPT100 One Sheet

JS-LPT200 One Sheet

JS-LPT400 One Sheet

JS-LPT500 One Sheet

JS-MB100 One Sheet

JS-MCFB100 One Sheet

JS-MCFB50 One Sheet

JS-MCFB6PK One Sheet

JS-MCH102 One Sheet

JS-MCRB100 One Sheet

JS-MCTB200 One Sheet

JS-MCTB50 One Sheet

JS-MDS50 One Sheet

JS-MMS1 One Sheet

JS-MNT101 One Sheet

JS-MPF100 One Sheet

JS-MPS1 One Sheet

JS-MS200 One Sheet

JS-MS70 One Sheet

JS-MS70+ One Sheet

JS-PB200 One Sheet

JS-SB100 One Sheet

JS-SP50 One Sheet

JS-SRR100 One Sheet

JS-SW300 One Sheet

JS-TG101 One Sheet

JS-TS50-2 One Sheet

JS-TSC5-2 One Sheet

JS-WMB100 One Sheet

JS-XB100-B One Sheet

JS-XS300 One Sheet