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As products come and go, this repository will serve as a place to find old materials and new for your Ultimate Support products. We are actively assembling this resource portal now, please forgive any missing information temporarily, and contact, or call 1-800-525-5628 for more urgent inquiries.

Product Manuals

Modular Device Stands

MDS-100 / MDS-X manual (pdf download)


Studio Furniture

Nucleus Series Modular Assembly Manuals:

Box 1 Instructions

Box 2 Instructions 

Box 3 Instructions 

Box 4 Instructions 

Box 5 Instructions 


Box 6 (Right 24ex) Instructions 

Box 6 (Right Leg) Instructions 

Box 7 (Left 24ex) Instructions

Box 7 (Left Leg) Instructions 

Box 8 Instructions


Box 9 Instructions

Box 10 Instructions

Box 13 & 14 Instructions


Nucleus Z Workstation and Accessories:

Nucleus Z LED S Manual 

Nuc-Z Box 1 & 2 Instructions

Nuc-Z Box 3 Instructions

Nuc-Z Box 4 Instructions 


Microphone Stands

Full Tilt Series Manual 

Live Retro Series Manual

Studio Series MC-125 Manual

Pro Series Manual 

Pro Series R Manual

Pro Series Extreme Manual

Ulti-Boom Pro Manual

Tour-LT Manual

Tour-MT Manual

Tour-RB Manual

Tour-RB-Short-T Manual

Tour Short Manual

Tour-T Manual

Tour-T-Short-T Manual

Tour-T-T Manual

Tour-T-Tall Manual

Tour-T-Tall-T Manual

Custom-1 Manual

Custom-2 Manual

Custom-3 Manual

Custom-4 Manual

Custom-5 Manual

Custom-6 Manual

Pro-SB Manual

Pro-ST Manual

Pro-ST-F Manual

Pro-ST-T Manual

Pro-T Manual

Pro-T-F Manual

Pro-T-Short-F Manual

Pro-T-Short-T Manual

Pro-T-T Manual



Guitar Stands, Pedalboards and Accessories

GS-10 Pro Manual

Genesis Series (GS-55/100/102/200/1000 Pro and AMP-150) Manual

GSP-500-BK Pedalboard Manual

GSP-500-DLX/ GSP-700 Pedalboard Manual

Genesis Series Plus (GS-100+, GS_200+, GS-1000+) Manual

UPD Series Pedalboards Manual


Keyboard Stands

Apex Pro Series AX-48 Pro/Pro-Plus Manual

Apex Pro Mic Boom Manual

VS-88B V-Stand Pro Manual

Deltex Pro DX-48B Manual

IQ Series Manual

IQ-X-Series Manual

VSIQ-200-B V-Stand/ IQ 3000 Second Tier manual


Speaker and Lighting Stands

LT-48FP Manual 

SP Series B Speaker Poles Manual 

SP Series Speaker poles Manual 

TS-70B Manual

TS-70GB Manual

TS-80 Series Manual

TS-80 GB Series Manual

TS-85B Manual

TS-90 Series Manual

TS-100 Series manual


Monitor Stands

MS-90 Manual

MS-100 Manual


Laptop and Handheld Device Stands

Hyperstation/ Hypermount QR Series Manual

Hyperpad Pro Series Manual



JS-LPT100 Manual

JS-LPT200 Manual

JS-MPF100 Manual

JS-MS70 Manual

JS-PB200 Manual

JS-SP50 Manual

JS-SRR100 Manual

JS-SW300 Manual


Acoustic Data

Ultimate Acoustics Bevel Panels Acoustic Data

Ultimate Acoustics Wedge Panel Acoustic Data

Ultimate Acoustics Bass Traps Acoustic Data


JamStands One Sheets

JS-500 One Sheet

JS-502D One Sheet

JS-AG75 One Sheet

JS-AS100 One Sheet

JS-CMS100 One Sheet

JS-DMS50 One Sheet

JS-DMS75 One Sheet

JS-FT100B One Sheet

JS-GHG25 One Sheet

JS-HG102 One Sheet

JS-HG103 One Sheet

JS-KC80 / JS-KC90 One Sheet

JS-KD50 One Sheet

JS-KD55 One Sheet

JS-LPT100 One Sheet

JS-LPT200 One Sheet

JS-LPT400 One Sheet

JS-LPT500 One Sheet

JS-MB100 One Sheet

JS-MCFB100 One Sheet

JS-MCFB50 One Sheet

JS-MCFB6PK One Sheet

JS-MCH102 One Sheet

JS-MCRB100 One Sheet

JS-MCTB200 One Sheet

JS-MCTB50 One Sheet

JS-MDS50 One Sheet

JS-MMS1 One Sheet

JS-MNT101 One Sheet

JS-MPF100 One Sheet

JS-MPS1 One Sheet

JS-MS200 One Sheet

JS-MS70 One Sheet

JS-MS70+ One Sheet

JS-PB200 One Sheet

JS-SB100 One Sheet

JS-SP50 One Sheet

JS-SRR100 One Sheet

JS-SW300 One Sheet

JS-TG101 One Sheet

JS-TS50-2 One Sheet

JS-TSC5-2 One Sheet

JS-WMB100 One Sheet

JS-XB100-B One Sheet

JS-XS300 One Sheet