Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Ultimate Support OEM Products – World-class Products

For over 30 years, Ultimate Support has provided musicians with unique support stands and music accessories of the highest quality, with renowned innovation, accompanied by superior customer support.

Ultimate Support’s design engineers are among the best in the world. We partner closely with our OEM customers’ engineers and business leaders, as well as Ultimate Support’s dedicated OEM team - relationship manager, supply chain experts, and finance - to guide each new OEM product from concept to product introduction. Our expertise does not end here: Ultimate Support continues to manage the manufacturing, quality and delivery of OEM products throughout its product life cycle.

Ultimate Support OEM partners have access to our offshore manufacturing capabilities, guaranteeing a comprehensive selection of cost-effective materials and manufacturing processes. In addition, Ultimate Support expects the use of excellent quality assurance controls and metrics from all of its manufacturing partners. This is consistent with our corporate philosophy of delivering the best product possible to the market, whether they are Ultimate Support branded or branded for our OEM partners.

Because of our past success as an OEM development partner and supplier, many top companies from the music industry, as well as other industries, have chosen to partner with Ultimate Support for their product development needs. Ultimate Support has distinguished itself as a trusted market leader and enjoys tremendous brand equity. The same focus on quality, innovation and service goes into every OEM and private label product we make. Whether it’s got your name on it or ours, every stand that goes out our door upholds Ultimate Support’s reputation for quality.

Please contact us if you have any questions concerning our OEM business. We look forward to partnering with you soon!

Preston Clark,
OEM Business Director800.525.5628preston.clark@ultimatesupport.com