Deltex DX-48B Pro


Deltex™ DX-48B Pro

DX-48B Pro Deltex Pro Keyboard Stand

The Deltex Pro’s lightweight design, included single tier, and mounting attachment make it the perfect solution for performers using small and mid sized keyboards and controllers. Using the mounting attachment and our other accessories, the Deltex Pro is ideal for performers looking for an easy and attractive stand for laptop, iPad, and solo vocal performances.

Deltex Pro Product Breakdown:

  • NEW Sleek Design
  • 5/8" Threaded Mount
  • Support Arms
  • FREE Tote Bag Included
  • Product Name: DX48B Pro
  • Part Number: 17908
  • Standing Height: 45.5"
  • Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Folded Length: 49.5" (1321 mm)
  • Load Capacity: Stand Holds 75 lbs.
  • DX-48B Pro One Sheet

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  • Ultimate Support Catalog

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