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Get your studio sounding better than ever! You don't have to shop in the dark anymore! Choose your Ultimate Acoustics™ products with confidence using our FREE Room Analysis App for iOS.

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Apex Series® Stands

Our Legendary keyboard stand design reborn with features for a new era of style & performance

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Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

TeleLock® Series and Stands with Lift Assist™ technology can help take the hassle out of setting up at shows & events

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On a Budget? No Problem!

The JamStands line of products from Ultimate Support offers a selection of lower priced stands and accessories for when your immediate needs exceed your bank balance

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Set yourself Free

QuickRelease adapters from Ultimate Support allow you to bring our QuickRelease technology to any 5/8" threaded mic stand. These are the perfect solution for a performer carrying a mic between various positions on stage, singers who can't stand still, or any number of other ADD challenged performance situations.

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Bundle Up

The Studio Bundles series from Ultimate Acoustics® gives you three sturdy and stylish ways to quickly beef up the acoustic treatment in your professional or project studio. Our three bundles offer logical combinations of our different styles and types of acoustic treatment. Give your studio the ultimate Sound today!

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