Ulti-Boom - Fixed Length


Ulti-Boom - Fixed Length

Ulti-Boom Series Professional Microphone Boom Arm with Ergonomic Adjustment Knobs, Aluminum Tubing, and Heavy-duty Counterweight - Fixed Length

When it came time to design a new generation of microphone boom arms, Ultimate Support decided to throw known conventions out the window and give way to innovation. Welcome to the Ulti-Boom professional microphone boom arms. Available in telescoping or fixed-length models, Ulti-Boom mic boom arms feature heavy-duty, die-cast counterweights, ergonomic adjustment knobs that feel great in your hands, and lightweight (yet durable) anodized aluminum tubing with internal glides that ensure fast, smooth, noise-free adjustment. Ulti-Boom by Ultimate Support has redefined how professional boom arms should perform.

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Ulti-Boom - Fixed Length Product Breakdown:

  • Ergonomic Adjustment Knobs
  • Heavy-duty Counterweight
  • Aluminum Tubing with Architectural Anodized Finish
  • 80% Field Serviceable Parts
  • Part Name: Ulti-Boom-FB
  • Product Number: 17202
  • Boom Length: 34.3" (870 mm)
  • Weight: 1.75 lbs.
  • Ulti-Boom Fixed Length Manual

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  • Ulti-Boom Fixed Length Tag

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  • Ultimate Support Catalog

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