Monitor Stands

Once upon a time, if you wanted fully dampened, decoupled stands for reference monitors in a studio, you had to call some guy in a welding shop to make some up for you. A few thousand bucks later, you'd have some giant steel things that sounded great but took up more floor space than a refrigerator.

Then along came Ultimate Support. Our deceptively clean-looking MS Series monitor stands hide the features of elite, big-buck custom studio stands inside a compact, affordable package. Professional features include things like internal chambers for ballast, with separate, shielded cable runs for power and audio. We have floor spikes and rubber ball points. There are multiple stages of mechanical decoupling. There are even options for adjustable angles and rotation. Oh yeah, and they're beautiful too. Did we say that already? As the focus of your studio, your speakers should look as good as they sound. Once again, Ultimate Support brings high-end features to every musician and studio. It's just what we do.

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