Microphone Stands

It's okay, we understand: Microphone stands are boring, right? Who wants to spend time (or money) on a stick with a clip? Well, allow us to change your mind. You need a mic to get your music heard, but microphones don't float in space by themselves. (At least, not yet…) Since the stand is what puts the mic in front of you, it's also the first point of contact between you, and your audience. When you're recording, placing the mic in the right spot becomes an important creative choice. The stand you use needs to enable that connection - smoothly, efficiently, and without getting in the way of your flow.

That's why Ultimate Support has spent years thinking, tinkering, and tweaking our designs to create microphone stands with features that actually make it easier to get your message across. As a result, we're proud to say that many of the developments that are now in everyday use were first invented by us. For dynamic performers, you can't beat the speed and ease of the one-handed clutch on our Live and Custom Chrome Series. If you've got a lot of stands, or little space, our space-saving stackable bases are made for you. One of our most surprising features is the patented 1/4-turn clutch mechanism on the Pro and Studio Series - try it, and you'll understand. Then there's the big game-changers, like the QR-1/QR-5 QuickRelease Series, and our revolutionary Ulti-Boom. All this with our signature construction quality and Limited Lifetime Warranty. Once you've used an Ultimate Support mic stand, you'll never want to own anything else.