MDS Series Modular Device Stands

The MDS Series modular device stands from Ultimate Support offer modular solutions for modern studio problems.

Developed with Tabletop and Desktop musicians in mind, Our MDS-100 and MDS X Expander system have been designed to offer a permanent solution to several temporary problems. Whether you're using desktop sequencers, your favorite Korg Volcas, Roland Boutique items, Novation synths, or any number of the currently available products, new and old, that find themselves in modern performance and recording setups; the MDS-100 gives you a solution that will work, regardless of how much you change your setup.

Small synths, effects pedals, odd CV matrix devices and more can live side by side or in tiers in the MDS ecosystem. Even production professionals - who just wanted a cooler way to set up those Strymon pedals that have become part of their workflow - can find a place for the MDS-100. It's the open source solution for proprietary problems- and we were the only ones who could make it. 

The MDS-100 has proven to be a popular stand not just for Elektrons and other groove boxes, but for producers looking for a more elegant solution to bring their favorite pedals to the work desk, videographers, trade show displays, and unique performances. The flexible design, durable construction, and sleek look of MDS Series Stands have made them an instant success with producers, performers, hobbyists and audio professionals all over the world.

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