Instrument Cases & Bags

At Ultimate Support, we love to make things better. That's why when we decided to make instrument bags and cases, we set our award-winning design team on making bags that weren't just good; they had to be better

The new Hybrid Series 2.0 gig bags from Ultimate Support are designed for the musician on the go. Featuring a water resistant exterior, backpack straps and rubber base for the guitar and keyboard bags, our newest bags are meant to protect your instrument and keep you moving. Stylish texturing and rigid exterior make these some of our best instrument bags yet!

Our Series One cases and Green Room gig bags may be similarly priced to other competing products, but they're not the same. Pick one up and give it the once-over. You'll see and feel that the materials are sturdier, the padding is thicker, the custom hardware is stronger and the overall design is more mindful of the things you really need. The right kinds of pockets. Straps and handles in the right place. Naturally, they look better too - which makes you look better. Check out the full line of Guitar, Keyboard and Drum cases and bags from Ultimate Support.