Guitar Stands and Pedalboards

Your guitar is precious. It doesn't matter how much it cost: a new player's first guitar is as essential to the musical experience as a wall full of classic axes in the studio of a seasoned professional. New or old, every guitar has a history, and Ultimate Support understands the relationship that players have with their instruments. When that guitar isn't in your hands, who's holding it?

Just as importantly, many guitarists have more invested in their tone sculpting tools than they do in their guitar. There's something terribly wrong with throwing 500 dollar pedals in a backup to smash into one another as you travel, and it seems even worse to throw them down on a dirty, beer stained club stage. At the very least, it's no way to protect your investment...

We have spent a lot of time thinking about improving the lives of guitar players everywhere, and have created stands that treat your guitar with the same care that you would. Check out our Genesis Series pedalboards and guitar stands, featuring totally unique, patented features that are ideal for touring and studio professionals. Or our modular, flexible, wall-mounted Genesis Guitar Hangers, which share the one-handed yoke design from our top-of-the-line GS-1000 Pro. Finally, our diverse range of JamStand designs offers a solution for every need and budget. Whether you're braving new sonic frontieers, breaking in a brand new guitar, or still getting to know a 50-year old vintage classic, your guitar should be put to rest in the best of hands. If they're not yours, choose Ultimate Support.