MC-40B 3-Pack


MC-40B 3-Pack

Classic Series Microphone Stand with Three-way Adjustable Boom Arm and Stable Tripod Base — 3-Pack

With the MC-40B 3-Pack, everyone in the band gets to have a great mic stand! You get three Ultimate Support stands, supported by our Limited Lifetime Warranty, and money left over to buy cables and other accessories!

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MC-40B 3-Pack Product Breakdown:

  • Three-way Adjustable Boom Arm
  • Stable Tripod Base
  • Fast, Easy Clutch
  • Part Name: MC-40B 3-Pack
  • Part Number: 17904
  • Stand height: 36" - 63" (914mm - 1600mm)
  • Boom Length: 31.7" (805 mm)
  • Folded Length: 38.8" (986 mm)
  • MC-40B 3-Pack One Sheet

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  • Ultimate Support Catalog

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