GS-1000 Pro+


GS-1000 Pro

Genesis® Series Plus Guitar Stand with Locking Legs and Self-closing Yoke Security Gate

Genesis® Series Plus guitar stands from Ultimate Support deliver innovative features and performance in a road ready package. Each model offers our patented leg-locking system for stability. The protective padding on the legs is designed to prevent damage to the finish on your guitar. The new push-button lock mechanism on Genesis Series Plus guitar stands is our latest standout feature. Just press the button to lock and unlock the stands for unprecedented ease when setting up and taking down. The best of the best just got EVEN BETTER.

The GS-1000 Pro+ features the same self-closing yoke from the GS-1000 Pro, the same reliable adjustable height locking latch, and the same protective padding and portability users count on.

GS-1000 Pro Product Breakdown:

  • Innovative Self-closing Stand
  • Height-adjustable Guitar Stand
  • One Click Push-Button Leg Locking System
  • Stability and Portability
  • Friendly To Your Guitar's Finish
  • Part Name: GS-1000 Pro+
  • Part Number: 17600
  • Set Up Height: 33.5" - 45.5" (851 mm - 1156 mm)
  • Folded: 4.5" x 21" (114mm x 533mm)
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs. (1.6 kg)
  • GS-1000 Pro+ One-Sheet


  • Ultimate Support Catalog

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