Our Room Analysis Service:

Ultimate Acoustics’ room analysis service is here to help you address specific acoustical concerns and/or help you create the most accurate listening environment possible.

How to Get Started:

NOTE: Due to demand for assistance and the popularity of Ultimate Acoustics products, our free Personalized Room Analyses are limited to a maximum of two (2) hours of phone discussions, e-mails and/or faxed correspondences. This ensures we can assist everyone in a timely fashion. If your product application support needs exceed this limit, an Ultimate Acoustics representative will contact you to discuss additional options.

  1. Download our Personalized Room Analysis Form PDF:
  2. After downloading the form, open and print it out. Fill out all sections. The more information about your space, the better we can assist you. The second page of the Form provides a sheet of graph paper to for sketching the layout of your room, including the locations of gear and furniture. For multiple rooms, please submit additional forms.
  3. After filling out your form and sketching your room, please fax, mail, or email your form using the information at the top of the page.
  4. Once we have received your form, here’s what to expect:
    • We will geographically sort your form and route it to the appropriate product specialist.
    • Within 3-5 business days, your assigned Ultimate Acoustics Application Specialist will review all of your information and formulate some suggestions for Ultimate Acoustics products and their ideal placement in your room(s).
    • Your Ultimate Acoustics Product Specialist will e-mail (preferred) or fax suggestions to you.
    • Once you’ve received our suggestions, you can purchase/order products through any of our hundreds of Authorized Dealers. You can also contact the Product Specialist to ask any questions regarding the suggestions provided.
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